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All About
Benton & Spring Spirit

Hi!  I'm so glad you're here!  I'm Darci Frost and I am the owner of Benton & Spring Spirit.  I live in Jenks, OK, and my husband and I have a household FULL of 5 kids and 2 dogs.  Our name is an homage to where we grew up.  My husband is from Benton, AR and I grew up in The Woodlands, TX - now known as Spring.  And Spirit?  Well, that's just because my favorite focus is on Spirit Wear, Sports Wear, Schools and Business gear for families and friends! 

After almost 20 years in retail, I was home with our very active family, running to countless sports and activities and volunteering in our schools.  My creative side and need to be busy led to creating shirts for my family as we got ready for a trip to Disney in 2019!  Yes, I made everyone wear matching shirts and they secretly loved it.  This quickly expanded into shirts for our kids' sports, creating items for friends and family, and has continued to grow from there.  

Although the company has seen a couple of changes over the past 4 years, our continued growth and success in the custom apparel business is nothing short of amazing.  I am passionate about working with schools, local sports teams, fans and fundraisers, all to help my customers get quality apparel they love and feel amazing in at affordable prices.  Creating customs has always been the root of my business and continues to be a favorite area for me.  I love helping you dress for birthday parties, family vacations, special celebrations and with custom gifts. 


Thank you for continuing to let me be a small part of your fun!  Let's see what we can create together!

All My Love, Darci

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